Offshore Services


SKJ group hosts a legal process outsourcing(LPO) company which is pioneered by our  law firm. We provide necessary assistance to Indian clients interested in expansion of business in the US.  For details, please click here.

Environmental Laws


Environmental protection is a fundamental duty of every Indian citizen under Article 51-A (g) of our Constitution, which states that every Indian citizen should protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures.

We provide legal services to our clients helping them to comply with the following statutes at the time of establishing a business entity, industry, or commencing a commercial/ business project in India:

  • The forest (conservation) act, 1980.
  • Environmental (protection) act, 1986.
  • Air (prevention and control of pollution) act 1981.
  • Water (prevention & control ) act 1974.
  • Wildlife protection act, 1972.
  • The biological diversity act, 2002.
  • Hazardous wastes (management and handling) amendment rules, 2003.
  • Ozone depleting substances (regulation and control) rules, 2000.
  • The North India Canal and Drainage Act, 1873.
  • Obstruction in Fairways Act, 1881.
  • The Indian Fisheries Act, 1897.
  • The Indian Ports Act, 1908.
  • The Indian Forest Act, 1927.
  • The Damodar Valley Corporation Act, 1948.
  • The Mines Act, 1952.
  • The River Boards Act, 1956.
  • The Merchant Shipping Act, 1958.